LATEST NEWS We are now proud to be opening our first of 4 clinics in Ponsonby, Auckland.

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Think Again Laser Clinic started their journey in Sydney Australia in 2014. As one of the first tattoo removal specialist clinics in the world Think Again Laser Clinic brought the Italian made Quanta brand to Australia.

Our company loves tattoo removal. We live and breathe it. Day in and day out it is all we do and we are constantly striving to improve our already world leading processes to deliver the fastest and most effective tattoo removal process to you.

After expanding through Australia and completing more than 80, 000 treatments our brand became known as the safest, fastest and most well known brand in the country.

During our time offering the worlds most effective tattoo removal to Australia we have had many clients travel from New Zealand into our clinics for treatment due to the lack of high quality, specialist options in New Zealand.

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We are now proud to be opening our first of 4 New Zealand clinics in Ponsonby Auckland. Our company will be the first in New Zealand utilising the worlds most effective Pico second technology, the Quanta Discovery Pico Plus. Using twice the energy of the nearest competitor our system is able to target the deepest layers of ink that other systems simply cannot.

With the worlds LARGEST before and after gallery, and some of the worlds most experienced operators, we are able to confidently say that our brand is your number one choice for tattoo removal in the country.

We are so proud to be the first Trans Tasman Tattoo Removal Company in the world, and know that we will deliver a greatly improved tattoo removal process to the New Zealand market.

We look forward to assisting you in your journey to clean skin.

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“Tattoo removal is a process that can change your life, if done properly. You owe it to yourself to give your skin the best opportunity at a fresh start. The team at Think Again Laser Clinic are experts in the field, it’s all we do.”

Mike Anderson, CEO

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