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Can you completely remove a tattoo?

Can you completely remove a tattoo?

One of the most common questions asked of us during our detailed consultation process is “Can my tattoo be completely removed?’

The short answer is, Yes – but not always

Tattoo Removal Is a process that takes time, dedication, and a clinic with a very good reputation and process to ensure that your body is given the best possible opportunity at completely removing the ink to leave your skin completely bare.

We can control one side of tattoo removal – The technology, our process and experience. The other side we cannot control, everything directly relating to you and the circumstances behind your tattoo.

However, It is important to remember that MANY factors play into the process, and can both positively and negatively impact your chances of having your tattoo completely removed.

For the vast majority of tattoos that come into our clinic, Think Again Laser Clinic offer a Tattoo Removal Guarantee Whereby if your tattoo is not completely removed in 10 sessions, we will continue to work on your tattoo FREE of charge, until there is either no ink visible in your skin. This applies to black tattoos only.

Unfortunately, most, but not every tattoo can be removed in the average 5-8 sessions in our clinic. Some of the factors that influence, or contribute to how many treatments you may need are out of your control and ours.

1. Existing damage to the skin

It is important to choose wisely and start your tattoo removal treatments with a reputable clinic. Tattoos that have been either poorly applied, or treated improperly for Tattoo removal at other clinics, will often have scarring. This scarring can be both visible, or under the skin. One treatment is all it takes to affect your whole removal process.

Laser Tattoo Removal will only be effective if the skin is in good condition, absent from any type of damage. Damage caused from an inexperienced operator or even a tattoo that has been applied to deep and caused scarring can cause the laser light to be reflected and not absorbed into the ink. If this is the case your tattoo may not be able to be completely removed.

We have many clients who have been left with damaged skin by a clinic who is either not using a medical grade high quality laser, has inexperienced staff or an inefficient process.

Removal of brand new tattoo

If the light cannot penetrate to the deeper layers of your tattoo, the simple fact is that your ink will not be able to be removed without first treating the existing damage.

Fortunately our clinic market leading technology is equipped with a Fractional Laser used for the treatment of damaged skin including scar removal. We want your skin to return to normal as each and every client deserves, so we offer this service at no additional cost.

2. The Type Of Ink

The type of ink plays a major part in the tattoo removal processes ease, or at times difficulty. There are literally thousands of types of inks, all made in different ways. Even the person who applied your tattoo is very unlikely to be able to positively identify the exact ink.

Even IF they know the brand, the factories and suppliers will often change the inks components and this can make the process unpredictable at times.

“The chemicals present in tattoo inks vary depending on the individual ink used. Tattoo inks can contain potentially harmful chemicals including metals (like arsenic and lead) ” Australian Government Department of Health – NICNAS

Some inks will respond VERY well to tattoo removal, and at times they can also cause problems for your specialist. Fortunately Think Again Laser Clinic are Sydney’s leading clinic, and have performed THOUSANDS of treatments. The knowledge and expertise allows our staff to use many different techniques to deal with even the most stubborn tattoos.

Removal of brand new tattoo


3. The Colour Of Ink

The Quanta Discovery Pico Plus is the worlds most advanced laser for treating colour tattoo removal.

It is the only Pico device equipped with the three wavelengths required to remove ALL colours of the spectrum. BUT, at times, very bright colours, and colours like green and blue can be VERY difficult to remove. Anyone telling you any different, is quite simply lying.

Have we removed all colours? Yes, but unfortunately nobody can guarantee the complete removal of every coloured tattoo until their laser has begun working on the ink. At the very worst, we are able to remove 80-90% of even the most difficult colour, which for many people is enough for them to consider the process a success.

Despite this, we have never given up on a tattoo, and no matter what your end goal is, we will work with you until that goal is achieved.

Will it be easy? No – But will it be worth it? Yes.

One thing you can be assured of at Think Again Laser Clinic is that our staff are the countries most experienced operators and are equipped with the worlds most advanced technology for tattoo removal.

As you can see many factors, some of which we have addressed in this article influence ‘Can my tattoo be completely removed?’, and we are glad to be able to say that at our clinic, we are able to guarantee complete removal of tattoos in almost 98% of cases, without scarring.

Many operators, and clinics will be reluctant to address or discuss these issues when assessing your tattoo, but Think Again Laser Clinic work by and maintain our three core principles

Results – Reputation –  Reality

You can be assured that Think Again Laser Clinic will give you the countries BEST chance at removing your tattoo both safely, effectively, and completely.